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U.S. Driver

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Code: TB-35002Name:U.S. DriverMaterial:resinIn stock
The Bodi product
   Sculpted by Krisztian Bodi
   Boxart painted by Oliver Kovacs


This chauffeaur was made for the Tamiya Willy's Jeep, but it fitts to other vehicles as a driver. The figure's clothes allows to make winter, autumn and spring surrounding. The package contains 1 plus head.
There is an other figure 35004 which can sit next to the driver. The two of them look very scenic. The U.S. Officer has a loose build, which makes him even fit to Kelly's Heroes.
Using 35006 and 35010 figures head we can make it more unique - both the driver and the officer.

Dressing and accessories:
(M1941 field jacket, Cold weather "Mickey Mouse" boots, M1 combat helmet, M1937 belt, M1943 trousers, M1941 "Knit" cap)

Crowood - The World War II GI US Army Uniforms 1941-45 in Color Photographs - ISBN 1-86126-302-3
Stackpole Books - U.S. Army Uniforms of World War II - ISBN 0-8117-2595-2
Battleground Europe - Battle Of The Bulge, Saint Whit 106th US Infantry Division - ISBN 0-85052-665-5
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