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German Driver

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Code: TB-35007Name:German DriverMaterial:resinIn stock
The Bodi product
   Sculpted by Krisztian Bodi
   Boxart painted by Oliver Kovacs


This figure is made for the German Zvezda truck, but It can also be seated to other vehicles driver seat. Curiosity of this figure is that the surcoat (Übermantel). The hood was made of the lining material. We can make it even more unique by using the 35005 headset.

Dressing and accessories:
EM/NCO'S Surcoat (Übermantel), Reversible winter gloves (Tarnungs Handschuhe), EM/NCO'S winter boot (Marschstiefel for Winter), Fur & leather winter cap (Pelz und Leder Mütze).

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